Excellence in Academics, Athletics and Community Service







Jordan was awarded $2,000 in 2018/2019 ringette scholarships for demonstrating outstanding academic achievment and excellence in ringette, as well as making significant contributions to various community service programs.


Name: Jordan

Nickname: Newt

Age: 20

Position played: Defence

Number of years I’ve played ringette: 12

Year and program of studies: 3rd year, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Career aspirations: My career aspirations are to work in the energy sector to help develop and implement ways of capturing energy in simple and sustainable ways.

Hometown: Edmonton

My best ringette memory: My best ringette memory would have to be playing on this team in the University Cup Challenge last year. This tournament requires you to be stuck with your team for 5 days straight and brings you all closer together until you are a ringette family.

Why I’m playing for the University Ringette Team: I am playing on the University Ringette team to be part of an amazing group of likeminded and hard-working individuals that push me to be a better player and a better student and individual in our society.