Excellence in Academics, Athletics and Community Service







Jenna was awarded $4,000 in 2017/2018 ringette scholarships for demonstrating outstanding academic achievment and excellence in ringette, as well as making significant contributions to various community service programs.


Name: Jenna Stumbur

Nickname: Jen

Age: 21

Position played: Forward, centre, defence

Number of years I’ve played ringette: 15

Year and program of studies: 4th year, Bachelor of Science

Career aspirations: Secondary science teacher

Hometown: Spruce Grove

My best ringette memory: My best ringette memory was finding out that I made the University Ringette team last year!

Why I’m playing for the University Ringette Team: I love the idea of playing competitive ringette while still focusing on school and getting the opportunity to travel. It’s been one of my goals to play for this team ever since I was in Bunnies and went to the U of A ringette camps each summer!