Excellence in Academics, Athletics and Community Service







The University Ringette Club contributes significant amounts of time, energy and resources to the promotion and development of the sport of ringette in the community at large. Ringette is a sport which directly benefits girls and young women by promoting athletics and a healthier life style. As well, the Club's players are ambassadors for the Universities of Alberta, MacEwan and Concordia through their activities in the community.

The Club hosts various ringette skill development clinics during the winter months for younger ringette players in the greater Edmonton area. As well, the Club provides free access to its summer ringette camps for underprivileged children. The girls who play for the University Ringette Club are some of the most skilled and talented university ringette players in Canada today. By sharing their time, expertise and skill, University ringette players have helped many young ringette players realize there is a bright future for them in a sport they truly love.

The University Ringette Team annually hosts Ringette Scores on Cancer (RSOC), an event which includes a media charity game ringette game. In January 2019, the University Ringette Team raised $65,000 at the tenth annual RSOC. All money raised was donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation to help find a cure for cancer. For more details refer to  www.RingetteScoresOnCancer.ca To-date, RSOC has raised $800,000 for research at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton.

The University Ringette Club also conducts an extensive school visitation program where players attend elementary and junior high schools in the greater Edmonton area to discuss and encourage excellence in academics and athletics. The highlight of these visits, for the school children, is the opportunity to play a game of ringette in the school's gymnasium with University Ringette players. The University Ringette Club provides an extensive array of gym ringette equipment to the school in order to make this possible. Approximately 40 - 50 schools are visited annually, thereby exposing roughly 15,000 school children per year to the sport of ringette.

In recognition of its numerous outstanding contributions to the community, the University Ringette Club was presented with the prestigious National Philanthropy Award in 2012 and once again in 2019.

In June 2014 the University Ringette Team was inducted into the Edmonton Sports Hall of Fame. This honour was bestowed on the team for its outstanding contributions to the community through Ringette Scores on Cancer, its three weeks of summer camps and the school visitation program. It also recognized the three consecutive national championships won by the team (2011/2012, 2012/2013, 2013/2014).

In June 2015 the four coaches of the University Ringette Team were inducted into the City of Edmonton Sports Hall of Fame. This honour recognized the coaches' extensive contributions to the growth and development of university ringette in Edmonton and across Canada. As well, it recognized the significant amount of charitable work the coaches accomplished through the university ringette program.



The University Ringette Team is comprised of student athletes attending the University of Alberta and MacEwan University. The various fields of study being pursued by these 18 players include: engineering, nursing, physiotherapy, law enforcement, education, medicine, kinesiology and veterinary medicine.