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The University Ringette team is available to host Saturday/Sunday ringette skills development clinics for ringette associations in the greater Edmonton area.

Clinics consist of the local ringette association providing ice and two of their teams (approx 25 - 30 girls) for a 75 minute on-ice session with University Ringette players. The clinics are designed for U-8, U-10, U-12 and U-14 aged players. There is no cost to the local ringette association for University Ringette players to attend these skill development clinics.



During the clinics, the ice surface is divided into three separate areas with two University players at each station. Different skills are worked on at each station and all of the association's ringette players rotate through each of the three stations. It is generally beneficial for the local ringette association to arrange for two or three consecutive ice times so as to have larger numbers of players learning and improving skills from the University Ringette players.

To arrange a clinic for your association, please contact us at UniversityRingette@gmail.com



The University Ringette Team is comprised of student athletes attending the University of Alberta and MacEwan University. The various fields of study being pursued by these 18 players include: engineering, nursing, physiotherapy, law enforcement, education, medicine, kinesiology and veterinary medicine.


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